Version Control with Git
This was the second book about Git, that I read. In the beginning the book didn’t offered anything interesting but it actually managed to summarize Pragmatic version control using Git into one small but very good structured chapter. After you reach the 4th chapter you actually enter into the universe of Git and start to appreciate written in the book, and the power of this software.

Instead of simply showing how can one use Git, this book describes how one should think in order to use Git. The comprehensive explanation of git’s internal structure in the beginning of the 4th chapter may seam as a little too much for the novice readers but it actually helps you understand all of the complicated logic which is behind this great software. Now when I thing about branching, merging or rebaseing I really know what’s going on. And all of this knowledge helps me solve problems that I have never managed to solve the past. Until now, I have been using best practices to work with Git without actually understanding why these were “the best” practices. In the book I found not only technical information about the software, but also a lot of information about how to manage a project, the right way.

I advice everyone to read this book. You will fill enlitened :)

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Posted by HackMan
Dated: 18th February 2010
Filled Under: Book reviews