Pragmatic Version Control Using Git For me, this book was more like a manual then a true in depth learning. It is a very good and easy to read book. One of the best things was that while reading the book it was actually making me to read more and more. I actually finished it in less then three or four days which is not normal for me, even for a topic in which I’m not novice.
This is my first book from the Pragmatic series, but it seams like the best idea for learning the basics in some topic.

I have been using Git for more then a year before reading this book. I have made manuals and trainings within our company about Git. But this book opened my eyes and made me understand more than what I have learned with the online manuals. I think that the book organization was one of the main things that really guided my experience while reading the book. What I found after reading the book was, that even thou you can work without most of the information in the book, all that it describes makes your work easier, faster and smoother.

And the one thing that I really missed in this book was how to work and organize your project with some of the GUI applications available for Git.

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Posted by HackMan
Dated: 27th November 2009
Filled Under: Book reviews, Technology