Last week I was in Rust, Germany at the WorldHostingDays conference & expo. The biggest problem we had, was that there was almost no Internet :)

The organizers made a very poor design of their network and so, most of the time there was no connection at all.

We were exhibitor there and as such the expo was a great success for us. We met a lot of clients and I was amazed to talk with so many great technical figures. I wasn’t expecting that. It was nice to see what these people will think about our products. And the biggest thrill for me was, that everyone that I talked with really liked what we offered. Even thou a lot of people call our software ‘just a bunch of scripts’, after a few minutes talk with me they were convinced that the product is much more then that.

The next thing was that I collected a few really good ideas that our future clients wanted. And the strangest and maybe most disturbing one was that there was at least 4 people that requested monitoring for Windows.
No one actually requested monitoring of network devices which was something that I wanted to add to our software.

On the VIP dinner I set next to Roger Nolan(the founder of Symbian), that was a talk I really liked. And on the next day I had a dinner with Mario and Daivid from cPanel. Even thou I don’t really like their software, they were really cool to talk to. I learned a lot for their way of working and it was a really fun dinner. Because of guys like these it is sometimes very nice to visit such business conferences.

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Posted by HackMan
Dated: 29th March 2011
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