While I was reordering the code of our suexec I unintentionally optimized it by removing a pace of redundant code.
In the end the result is that on benchmarks the suexec executes phps 20% faster then FastCGI(4 childs, 1000 requests per child).

I’m still doing benchmarks but the numbers that ab is showing until now are pretty conclusive.

The first time I saw the numbers I was pretty convinced that I have done something horribly wrong to mod_fcgid. So I decided to do some more precise benchmarks. In the end, after more then 18h of testing I’m really convinced that the suexec can be made to work faster then anything else currently available.

I’m really really happy with the results!

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  1. Zeridon Says:

    Наскоро и аз завъртях една камара тестове за производителност http://www.getoto.net/2011/02/09/to-cache-or-not-to-cache-thats-a-stupid-question/ виж ако ти е полезно

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Dated: 10th February 2011
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