Pfiuuu, today I finally finished my Exam generator. I added generating PDF files from the DB. Until now I was generating only txt support. Now I can generate new variants of a test whenever I want, just with one execution of the script. I also made a web version so I can generate variants of the tests directly from my home servers without direct access to the questions DB. The only thing that is missing now is stored every generated variation of the exams into DB for later use/verification. Maybe in future I’ll add this to the DB and to the script. It will be useful for the upcoming years.

I’m thinking of putting the code online, but since it is a really bad written Perl code for now I’ll save my self the embarrassment :)

2 Responses to “Perl exam generator”

  1. Nickolay Says:

    OK, which is more useful to know for one system administrator?
    Bash or perl?

  2. HackMan Says:

    Since both are things you would use in a day to day work I can’t tell which one will be more helpful. However, since sysadmins spend their work on the console, for most of their time, I think that Bash is the more important.

Posted by HackMan
Dated: 2nd January 2010
Filled Under: Technology