Next semester we will start teaching Network Security II - Secure codding.

This will be my second time helping for this course, however this will be my first time as the main lecturer for the course :) Since we will teach this course for a second time it will be a little bit easier as we already have a plan and some pointers for part of the talks.

I’m planning to introduce some more recent information about the attack vectors and the new prevention techniques from the past two years.

I hope it will become a quite nice course.

2 Responses to “Network Security II - Secure codding”

  1. Georgi Georgiev Says:

    Enjoy to see your posts again :)

  2. HackMan Says:

    It seams that we have missed the time frame for registering the course so we will make this course next winter semester.

Posted by HackMan
Dated: 14th January 2011
Filled Under: Teaching