While some people are changing the styles of their blogs to more clean and simple themes I decided that I will go with my favorite color and some nice picture :)
The main reason that made me change the looks of the blog is that many of the new posts are using the PRE tag and this causes the text to overlap with the right column.

I hope that this new theme will solve at lease some of these problems.

5 Responses to “New clothes :)”

  1. Vasil Kolev Says:

    Wow. Is this your coming out of the closet ?:)

  2. HackMan Says:

    No, actually pink is my favorite color since first grade. So I decided to finally do what I want, not what everyone else expect me to do :)

  3. alein Says:

    hacking admin ai in pearl does seem to have unpleasant side effects ,doesnt it ?

  4. bop_bop_mara Says:

    My scarf is missing you so bad :(

  5. BatGeorgeone Says:


    IMHO, too much “pink and flowers” is not good for a bloke’s blog :)

    It even contradicts with your nickname :)) it seems to me like somebody just defaced your blog :)

    Hope you got sense of humor…

Posted by HackMan
Dated: 29th November 2009
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